You Don’t Know…What You Don’t Know…

Any owner will tell you “you don’t know what you don’t measure.” Effective metrics are essential for achieving positive results and mis-measurement can lead to mismanagement. Metrics tried and proven over years become a guide to what’s important to your clinic’s growth.

Know your metrics and what they drive

Ownership and all employees should understand which metrics drive the clinic, and the essential behaviors they encourage. All employees should know why and how it’s relevant to them and to the clinic performance. Core metrics are the power of an organization and influence critical management decisions.

Prioritize metrics that reflect value to customers

Metrics that reflect the value the clinic brings to it’s customers provide great insight into whether they are succeeding at their customer value mission. Obtuse metrics, such as customer satisfaction, lack specific insight into what lies behind the results. Customer satisfaction should be an essential metric for every company, but satisfaction metrics require complementary quality assurance measures to understand the core value is being provided.

Experiment with alternative metrics

When a clinic experiments with a new metric, experimenting early on can help uncover opportunities to improve trends and customer needs. Consider not only whether the metrics you’re measuring are still relevant but also whether you can do better. Changing the ways we measure success means changing how we define success. As your clinic grows and expands, your metrics also need to change and expand.

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