Why Isn’t Your Practice Growing Like You Thought?

Have you noticed over the past year or two your clinic has not grown? You look around the office and the clinicians are busy but you haven’t seen that increase you had expected.  You feel it by looking at the clinic schedule and you feel it by looking at your bank account. I can confidently tell you that your practice will grow if you have these three business strategies in place.

1. Have a strong management team and a vision for the practice. What does your current management team look like? Like most clinics, it probably consists of you, and only you.  Since you are also treating patients, your leading is sporadic ineffective with your staff complaining that things aren’t getting done. You haven’t added management staff because it is costly. Think about how much you have lost by not making this investment. You and your management team set and communicate the vision of your practice and then set strategic goals to achieve.

2. Ensure Effective Marketing in the practice. There are three components to an effective marketing program: an internal patient referral system, a physician referral system, and a community referral system. All three systems should be designed to continually provide education and content to your prospective (and current) customers, showing the value your practice offers. All three of these components need to be developed, and continually improved, to ensure a steady and predictable flow of new patients.

3. Making sure you really know your numbers. What are your true numbers? Monitoring the proper metrics will allow you to answer whether your practice is growing or shrinking. Every successful practice has up to date information that will force the management team to ask questions and make decisions. These numbers can be weekly and monthly then compared to the same period prior to determine growth and used in projecting the future growth.

If you are serious growing your practice you must have a strong management team, effective marketing, and the ability to monitor the growth. Do you need help growing your practice?  Contact us to find out how we can help!  Click here for a FREE Consultation.

Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC
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