What Type Of Employees Are On Your Team?

All practice owners have one similar goal…to have a successful practice. One of the easiest ways to achieve this success is by utilizing your greatest assets, your employees. Having the right people on your bus, in the right seats, can lead to a HUGE win or a dreaded loss in YOUR business.

To be successful you, the practice owner, must ensure you have the “willing and able” employees on your team. If the employee is not willing, and able, to make the practice a success then they don’t belong on your team. There are three common types of employees who will help achieve practice success.

The staff employee is the one who comes to work every day, provides good care to your patients, and will complete projects as directed their supervisor or leader. This employee will be consistent and reliable to you and your practice.

Next is the administrative employee. This person will take, and complete, projects to make the practice successful. These employees have the tools to independently implement plans that lead to the practice success. These employees should be placed in roles to allow their skills strategically grow the practice.

Lastly is the professional employee. These employees have the vision of where the profession is going and can react and change to the new healthcare world. These employees should be the face of your practice, educating on how your practice can restore life in your patients.

To be a successful business owner you should not be employing those who “punch the clock”, but employing those that will exchange time with abundance to your practice. Knowing the type of employee, they are will help you utilize their skills which in turn will allow them to give their best effort to achieve successful results for the practice. Do you need help making your practice successful? Click Here to schedule a FREE consultation to see how easy it is!

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