What is Your Practice Score?

Running a successful physical therapy practice is more than just quality patient care.  When you walk up to your friend who is watching a game, the first question you ask them is “What’s the score?”  My question to you is: “Do you know your practice score?”

Most physical therapy owners suffer from a practice that is equivalent to a “leaky bucket.”  A practice that is full of holes and losing money in several different ways.  Monitoring the proper metrics will allow you to answer whether your practice is winning or losing and will allow you to plug those leaking holes.

Every successful practice has a “dashboard” that provides up to date information that will force you to ask questions and to know what the current score is.  This dashboard will provide the numbers that are vital to your practice to give you a snapshot of where your practice is going.  These numbers can be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly; and can be compared to the same period prior and will be useful in projecting to the future.

Do you have your dashboard?  If not, find out how you can start keeping score! Click Here for your FREE Stat Sheet!

Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC
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