Three Simple Things To Keep The Patients In The Door

Your marketing is working, new patients are calling and scheduling, but you don’t see a growth in patient visits.  What the heck is going on?  With your metrics programs in place you see the referrals and new patients are matching up, but you notice the average visits per an evaluation are dropping.  What could be the cause?  Here are three simple tactics to ensure patients are staying for their entire plan of care and not dropping out too early.

First is your facility.  Is there adequate parking and is your suite easy to find?  You might not be able to change these two issues but you can change the inside.  When the patient walks in, is it warm and welcoming?  Are your staff members courteous and friendly?  Do your patients feel the “vibe?”  It doesn’t need feel like you are walking in to the bar from “Cheers” but it should say “welcome” to those patients.  Do you have the little things that make a patient feel comfortable?  These are simple things like water and towels for each patient, maybe a healthy snack, some comfortable and soothing music.

Next, is your front desk selling your services?  Besides the physical therapist, the receptionist/front desk is the most important person in your clinic.  These people are the first line of defense and can sink or save you.  Proper front desk training in professional communication with patients and referral sources is paramount.  This communication will better help the front desk sell the value of your services and handle the common objections of insurance, co-pay, and time.  The front desk should also be able to sell your therapists qualifications and the unique benefits that your clinic provides.

Last, is your therapist selling the value of your practice?  The therapist should continue with the professional communication started with the front desk.  The therapist must sell the value of the care to be provided, educating the patient on the evaluation findings and clearly outlining the plan of care.  Therapists are highly trained health care professionals and your patients should easily recognize that in the confidence of your staff.  This communication from the therapist should start at the initial evaluation and continue through the plan of care and well past discharge.

When new patients are plentiful yet weekly visits are stagnant, there is more than meets the eye.  To be successful, your facility needs to be convenient and your staff must communicate the value you are providing to that patient.  In today’s healthcare environment, competition is greater and patients are paying more for their care which means they are demanding more.  Set yourself apart and thrive!  Need help figuring out your numbers or need extra direction and guidance?  Click Here to schedule your FREE consultation today.

Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC
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