Metrics Almost Cost the Cubs the World Series Title

Metrics were an integral part of game 7 of the World Series and almost cost the Cubs their first World

Championship in 108 years. Today’s baseball games are run by “Sabermetrics”, objective measures and analysis of baseball, especially metrics that measure in-game activity. Your clinics metrics are a measure of the health of your business, telling you how your business is successful or failing.

How did metrics almost cost the series? Simple…Aroldis Chapman threw too many pitches. A normal metric would be how many pitches he typically pitches in a game, over 2 games, over a week period. Prior to game 7, he had never thrown more than 84 pitches in a 3-day period.

He came in to game 7 having already thrown 62 pitches in the last 2 games, including 20 pitches the night before. Chapman ended up throwing 35 more pitches in game 7. As you watched him pitch in the 8th inning, you could see how fatigued his arm was and he surrendered a game-tying, two-run home run to Rajai Davis. When he was finally taken out of the game after the 8th inning he had pitched 97 pitches in the past three days. More than he had eve thrown in a three-day period.

This scenario happens every day in your practice: your metrics go up or down, sometimes toward a positive benefit and sometimes to a negative benefit. If you don’t know what normal, and abnormal are, you are at risk to blowing the save and costing your team the World Championship.

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