How to Overcome the Lack of Time

The single greatest issue small business owners face is the same:  Lack of time.  This lack of time then leads to a lack of implementation.  What is so funny about that is Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and you all have the same amount of time.  Everyone on earth has 24 hours in a day, how you use your 24 hours is a much different story.

There are books and books on time management, on activities that are high dollar value versus low dollar value but how does that really help?  Let’s break down time, and the resulting implementation, in to the following 4 simple steps.

  1. Set the foundation – set your goal
  2. Stop the activities that don’t support the goal
  3. Focus on activities that attain the goals
  4. Execution

When you set the foundation you will have a clear set of goals you have clarity on the direction you need to go.  One reason we procrastinate so much is this lack of clarity and understanding of what needs to be done.  When you have clarity and a clear direction you become more smart about how you use your time.  When you set your goals keep the most important goals on top and keep the list small, define the top three goals to achieve the greatest results.  You can have other goals, but these top three are the most important to your time.  When you define these goals make sure they are specific, measurable, and achievable with a specific time frame set.

Once your direction is known you now must set the time to achieve the goals and this starts by taking a deep look at how you spend your 24-hour day.  Make a list of all the typical activities that you take part in each day and then times by 7 for the complete week.  Using this weekly number minus it from 168 and this will show you the hours you have left in a week.  If you work 8 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a day, and spend 4 hours a day with friends/family that still leaves you with 28 hours in a week.  That is actually 60 days of time in a year!  Using this list, take the top 3 time killers and reduce the amount of time you spend on them.

Once you have found the “extra” time needed you can now set that time to focus on your goals, make sure this time is a part of your daily routine and hold yourself to this time.  Develop a mindset where this time becomes part of your daily/weekly routine to track and evaluate how you invest your time.  When you have a scheduled time to focus you now have a specific time to focus on the activities related to your goals and the greatest asset you now have is time to execute!

To help you execute make a list of the top 3 items that must be done towards the goals.  Each day look at the top three items you need to complete to progress towards your goals.  Also, we often think that we need to do everything on our own so don’t be afraid to delegate, automate, and eliminate those item’s which you can.

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