Four Ways To Prepare For The End Of The Year


As practice owners and entrepreneurs, making it to the end of the year means we made it again!  Now is not the time to rest on your laurels because you need to be preparing for the up-coming year. Here are 4 ways to make next year even better than this last one!

  1. Review the past year. Look at your numbers (evaluations, visits, revenue and other KPI’s) and see where you missed the mark. Did you have different trends this year?  Changes in healthcare are causing new trends to form. What lessons were learned this year? These changes and lessons can be used to prepare for the next year.
  2. Be informed about the new laws and changes for the New Year. Are you ready to use the new evaluation codes based on complexity? Did you know the overtime laws are changing? Are you aware some states have an increase in the minimum wage? The recent election added numerous new laws that may have an impact on your business.  Contact your payroll company, your attorney, and your accountant to get informed of any changes that may affect you.
  3. Re-Set your goals. You should have a budget in place. How much growth are you projecting? How do your projections differ from this year? Set your yearly goals then set a series of small (90 day) goals to keep you on track. Make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based (SMART). All successful business owners set goals and all successful businesses work towards those goals.
  4. Set your Strategy. Once you have set your SMART goals, along with your 90 day goals, create a strategy to achieve these goals. Once you have the strategy set, share these goals with your employees and colleagues to ensure you have a support system to achieve those goals.

We are less than a month away until we say goodbye to another year. Did your practice meet, and exceed, your goals?  Were you able to achieve your dreams?  NOW is the time to prepare for the New Year. Do you need clarity to help set your new road map? Click Here to schedule a FREE Consultation Call!

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