Five Ways to Success in 2017

Everything we think, say, and do, is a result of years of deep seated habits that originate to our earliest years and repeated behaviors.  These deep-seated habits either help us, or hinder us, in our business.  In fact, nearly half of what we do daily is a result of these habits.

Now is the best time to start changing habits to make them more positive on your life and in your business.  Here are 5 habits that will help you be more successful in 2017.

1) One if the single most essential habits to success is effective time management.  Managing the time in your day and week allows you to achieve a higher level of success.  Using conscious effort, implement a system to manage your time in the day.  Since all successful people have the same amount of time in a day/week that you do, how you leverage this will lead to your success.

2) When we fail to budget, we fail to succeed.  A budget is a road map to success be preventing all the little expenses from adding to big expenses. It is easy to lose sight of the enormity of these little expenses and they will inevitably strangle your practice.  The single habit to focus here is instead of buying those un-needed “business lunches” or bright-shiny pieces of equipment, save the money and invest in the future of the business.

3) A college degree is nothing more than a commitment to learn. Most therapists are required to take continuing education courses to improve your patient treatment skills.  Make it a habit to further educate yourself by learning something new every day.  Spend a specific amount of time every morning by learning something new to improve your life and business.

4) Lack of organization leads to lack of focus.  When our life and/or business is not organized, we are unable to fully stay focused on our personal or professional goals.  Physical clutter at home or in the office leads to disorganization.  Spend the time to organize the home or office and make this a small habit every day.

5) The most important habit is saved for last…take action.  It would seem to be the easiest habit but it is the hardest habit.  Instead of taking action with do just the opposite, we procrastinate.  We procrastinate for any number of reasons but all this does is lead to us not taking any action and this prevents us from achieving any of the goals we have set.  An easy way to take action is to use the 15-minute rule.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and then start the task that you have been putting off.

We only have a set amount of time in our given day, and when we are treating patients or running a business that time becomes more precious.  To be more successful you must break some of the long-standing habits that have been developed since your childhood.  Changing these habits will change your life and business, leading to more success!

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