Why you need more education

Think about this for a second…today’s physical therapist spent four years in college working toward an undergrad degree and then another 3 years working on their physical therapy degree.  At the end of all that education how good a physical therapist are they?  Yes, they can have a positive effect on their patients but they have yet to gain the “real life experience” to make them a true clinician.  What do they do to help?  They take continuing education courses.

Think about this…you are a business owner (yes, when you own a private practice you are a business owner) …with 6, 7, 8 years of education…how much of that education is in running a business?  You are a great clinician, but are you a good business owner?  What continuing education do business owners regularly take?

Why do physical therapists, as practice owners, think they know how to run a small business?  I will admit, I fell in to this trap.  it wasn’t until I realized that trap and made a difference that I really became successful in my business.

Here are three huge reasons why you need to increase your business knowledge:

Having sound, objective, management principles to run your business.  Clear, objective, goals for the business and employees lead to success.  When you measure, and understand, your objective management you can quickly make adjustments that ensure success.  When your employees know their objective measures, it leads to open and honest communication with improved performance.

Spending money to improve your business education will save you money.  Huh?  Yes!  Untrained employees (or untrained business owners) make mistakes, underperform, and are inefficient.  More time, and ultimately more money, is spent to fulfill tasks and responsibilities.  This leads to inadequate and under achieving employees and business owners.

Employees, and business owners, who are untrained lose customers.  An employee’s relationship with the manager (or business owner) is the most important single factor in employee engagement.  Engaged employees are happier and more productive which prevents frustration and disruptions.  When a business owner has insufficient training, mistakes and inefficiencies happen and this leads to lost customers.

Healthcare professionals spend a lot of money on their professional education but the majority fail to spend any money on their business education.  Ultimately this leads to poor employee engagement, poor customer retention, and loss of profits.  Do you want to learn how you can turn any, and all of these issues for the positive?  Click here to schedule a FREE consultation.

Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC
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