Cause & Effect

You are a physical therapist by training and now a business owner by desire.  Building and running your business is not just knowing your numbers. It is about knowing what those numbers mean and how you make those numbers happen!  When you budget and forecast you are setting objectives, and achieving these objectives are your planned results.  True success is not just the results but the processes to get those results.

Business owners talk about the goals, but executing strategies and tactics are what makes the numbers happen!  Without these strategies and tactics, the spreadsheets are just that…spreadsheets.  To be successful in your business it is not about gaining 1/10th of 1 percent of the market, it is how you captured that percentage that means success.

Do not under estimate the fact that numbers do matter, setting the budget is very important to setting the forecasts for the business.  What is just as important are the processes (strategies and tactics) to achieve those budget numbers.  This is the cause and effect in your business.

To achieve the forecasts for the year you cannot manage every number in your practice, but you should manage those key performance indicators (KPI’s) that drive the cause and effect of your practice.  Do you know the KPI’s of your practice?  If not, click here to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss those more.

When it comes to driving these KPI’s (effect) first ask the question of what drives that number (cause).  When you finally ask the question “what is the cause?” you can then set tactics and strategies to achieve the positive effects of the KPI (effect).

If you have set realistic and achievable goals for your business, your true success is based on how these goals are achieved by you and your team!

Do you struggle with the true numbers in your practice?  Do you not know the true KPI’s of your practice?  Let’s us show you how…

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