Buried Treasure In Your Practice

Recently, I had an initial call with a client. Usually on the initial call we discuss the importance of measuring and we also discuss specific numbers we want to measure in the practice.  These numbers have come about after years of not tracking and not growing. Once I realized what I didn’t know, I reached out to successful people to learn from them. Once I put these principals to work, here is what happened to my practice:

Last month I was on a second call with a client. During the call I could tell he was stressed, I could tell things were not going right. After a few questions, he opened up and shared his fears. He told me about the struggles to pay bills, the struggles to pay the employees, but more so the inability to pay himself.

The first call I educated him on what and why he must measure. On the second call I taught him how to “peel back the onion” to better understand those numbers. Within 5 minutes, we found tens of thousands of dollars that can instantly flow back in to his practice.

The next week when he picked up the phone for our regular call, he was a completely different person. I could hear the smile on his face, I could hear in his voice that he was better rested, and not so stressed. After one call he started to learn the small things that were missing for his practice to grow.

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Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC
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