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An email came through my mailbox this morning, and the subject line really caught my eye…”Improve Your Business with the Improvement Matrix”…

I decide to do the unusual, and click the link to learn more.  This idea is from an entrepreneur I follow, named Dave Lavinsky, and was so interesting I wanted to share it.

So what is the “The Improvement Matrix?”

Simply, it is a way of looking at your products and services and figuring out what you should improve and in what order.

First, identify what it is that your customers find most important.  How would you do this?  Simple…survey your customers to learn what is important to them.  For example…your customers might say:

  1. Quality of Care
  2. Ease of Scheduling
  3. Added Services
  4. Price
  5. Value (price vs quality of service)
  6. Billing
  7. Communications with Company
  8. Professionalism of Staff

For each attribute, you should ask your customers, “How important are these to you?”  Use a 4 point scale:

1 – Not important

2 – Somewhat Important

3 – Very Important

4 – Extremely important

The next question on the survey should be: “How do you rate our performance with these?”  Again, use a 4 point scale such as this:

1 – Poor

2 – Fair

3 – Very Good

4 – Excellent

The final way to look at the performance chart is in a matrix, what Dave calls the “Improvement Matrix.”

The Improvement Matrix is simply a different way of looking at importance vs. performance data. It plots the data and classifies each attribute into 4 quadrants:

  1. Underperforming (but OK): you are underperforming in this area, but customers don’t care much about it, so that’s ok.
  2. Overperforming: you are doing well in this area; but customers don’t value it. Keep doing what you’re doing, or consider allocating resources away from this area into a more important area.
  3. Keep it up: these are areas that your customers care about and that you are doing well in. Keep it up.
  4. Improvement Quadrant: this quadrant is the key. It shows those areas that customers find important, but for which your performance is not up to speed. You MUST get better in these areas ASAP.  Here is an example of the Improvement Matrix:

The “Improvement Matrix” will alert you, the business owner, to the areas of your business that you must improve. All it requires is a simple customer survey and plotting of the data…the results can revolutionize your business.

Andrew Vertson, PT, DPT, ATC
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