Are You Working 60+ Hours a Week in Your Practice and Just Not Getting Ahead? Do You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night Not Knowing Whether You're Going to Have the Money to Pay Payroll?

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PT Clinic Metrics is a full service physical therapy practice management solution. We are “in the trenches” just like you and are always willing to share our knowledge and experience. We are here to help you solve the myriad problems you face daily in your practice.

We provide extensive metric management, human resource management, billing & collection management, marketing and strategic planning.

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Just Some Of The Benefits

Having strong metrics to guide your business makes all of these possible!

  • More growth and more profit

    Generate 10, 15, even 20 percent (or more) additional growth and profit in to your business.

  • Quickly identify issues and strengths

    Metrics are the internal drivers that identify issues and showcase the strengths of your business.

  • Measure performance and progress toward key goals

    Metrics allow you to make quick and rational decisions which will fuel growth.

  • No more guess work

    Stop relying on experimentation (and hope) – these can lead you down a path toward failure.

  • Minimize business and cash flow disruptions

    Objective data allows you to make good decisions quickly.

  • Identify lost revenue and lost patients

    Maximizing staff productivity and efficiency while expediting your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a selection of frequently asked questions from our customers

  • q-iconWhy should I track my numbers?

    Knowing the true numbers of your business will allow you to identify problem areas and to make better defined decisions.

  • q-iconI am not a numbers person, will I be able to make sense of this?

    With our one on one training programs you are guided at your own pace which will better enable you to learn, and understand, the numbers and what they mean.

  • q-iconThis is just another thing on my plate, where will I find the time?

    When an owner puts an emphasis on metrics employees will also make this a priority. When a strong metrics program is implemented in the business employees become an integral part of the tracking and reporting. This frees the owner up to better focus on what the metrics mean.

  • q-iconI am a cash based practice; does this pertain to me?

    Being the owner of a cash based practice knowing your numbers is just as important as any other business. When you have a strong metrics program in place you can quickly monitor all aspects of your practice to ensure success and profit.

  • q-iconI am already successful and making money, why do I need to know my metrics?

    By knowing your metrics you can quickly understand, and correct, those issues which are actually losing you money. This in turn will only make you more successful.

  • q-iconCan you just do all of this for me to save me learning it?

    Take a look at our Solutions page and then request a free strategy call with Andrew to find out which PT Clinic Metrics options are available for your business. Click here for more information »

What People Are Saying About PT Clinic Metrics...

PT Clinic Metrics has completely transformed my practice from having no financial accountability within my business to an accountable business where I know how each dollar is allocated in my practice. I can make intelligent decisions about the financial lifeblood of my practice which gives me confidence that I am always making sound financial decisions to move my practice forward. I have had nothing but inclining revenue since joining PT Metrics. I am so grateful!

Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P
Michael Ricchiuto MPT, EMT-P Owner, Physical Therapy Now, Pittsburgh, PA

Initially I was hesitant to pay for the PT Clinic Metrics consulting, but after the second consult I was given advice that payed me back 3x my investment. PT Clinic Metrics was able to help me recognize why I, as a clinic owner, must track these numbers so I can understand why the bucket is leaking and ultimately know where the holes are and how to best plug them. Tracking the metrics has also opened my eyes to how to put together a budget that has real substance based on the current and projected treatment metrics. I learned more pertinent and valuable information in six weeks then I did in my 2 years of MBA school.

Frank Hatch, PT DPT MBA
Frank Hatch, PT DPT MBA Owner, CorePhysio, LLC, Santa Fe, NM

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